Step 1: Create a profile

The Profile is where you enter your basic information, such as contact information. You can complete a Profile and the Admissions process at


During this process you will be asked if you were referred to Arise by someone. Please fill in our CSP ID: 1470169 and the name Teri James (Owner of Kingdom Impressions Ink, LLC) will populate.


Also, if you are Military, under “How did you hear about Arise” be sure to choose Military. Military receive special discounts.


*Please note: You MUST use the name that is associated with your Drivers License and Social Security. If you have recently been married or had a name change, you must make sure that your documents have been updated to match your last name before registering.


*If you would like us to create your profile and speed the process up for you, please fill out our application form so we can set up your account. Once approved, we will email you a link with a username and password. Once you have logged in successfully, you will be able to move forward to the next steps.

Step 2: Background Check

All contractors will be required to have a background check ($7.95).


Please make sure that the information you provide is what is associated with your Social Security number. If you are recently married, please make sure all of your identifications including your SS# and DL have been updated to reflect your new last name BEFORE submitting the background check.


Also, be sure that everything is spelled correctly. Eliminate ANY hyphens or periods.



Step 3: Choose Kingdom Impressions Ink, LLC as your IBO

During this step you will be asked to choose an Independent Business to partner with. If you choose Kingdom Impressions Ink, LLC, you will need to put our IB ID number into the search box (474230604) then click the little magnifying glass next to the search box. Kingdom Impressions Ink, LLC will auto populate. Click Next.


Once you have finished this step, log out and send us an email at



Step 4: Sign Documents

Once you have been accepted into the KIInk team, you will need to log in and view and sign the documents. They will be located in the same place that you went to join our IBO. Click the orange box “Start Now”:



















  1. Click View Document (Orange box)
  2. Scroll ALL THE WAY to the bottom of the document
  3. “Sign” will then turn orange
  4. Click Sign
  5. Confirm
  6. Once you have signed both documents please send an email to so we can finalize your request to join KIInk. Once finalized you can move forward to the next step, Choosing a client certification course.

Step 5: Select a Client Program


During this step you will have access to the client board where you can see what projects are available. You have the flexibility to choose the client program that you would like to service. Our clients include many Fortune 500 companies such as major telecommunications, cruise lines and the world’s largest online retailer.


The client board changes often so if you don’t see a client that suits you, be patient as something may come up that will match your talents and availability.


During this step, you have 30 days to choose a client certification course. If you are unable to choose one within the 30 days, please send us an email at so we can evaluate your situation and decide if we can extend the time limit.


By this time you should have received an invite to join the KIInk Facebook Group. Make sure to join our Facebook Group as this is where the client pay rates are posted along with important announcements.


View the video below on how to choose a client.



About Us

Kingdom Impressions Ink, LLC partners with Arise Virtural Solution with providing work from home jobs for those that are in full-time ministry and need aditional income to keep Kingdom work going while taking care of their homes financially as independant contractors. We provide mentorship for those wanting to own their own business. An consultation for ministries and churches that want to start a for- profit arm for their nonprofit organization. KIInk, LLC also provide digital solutions for Christian oganizations that want to take their ministries online.

Contact Us

IBO# 474230604 CSP ID# 1470169

Office Hours: Monday- Friday 8am- 6pm

Office:  (678) 718-5465

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