The clients using the Arise Platform are often the leaders in their industries; many are Fortune 500 companies with names you’ll recognize. As such, they have exciting opportunities, as well as high standards for servicing and performance. The sooner you complete the registration process, the sooner you’ll be able to gain access to these opportunities— and the quicker your company will be able to earn money and you can enjoy all of the advantages that come with working from home.


You are able to set your own schedule using the Arise Platform.

However, please note the following:


Hours are available on a “first come, first serve” basis, so it is beneficial to select servicing intervals (which are 30 minute increments) as soon as possible.


More servicing intervals are available during a client’s peak demand period. Please be sure to review the Opportunity Announcement for the client program you are interested in servicing.


The Portal provides detailed information about each client program opportunity, the hours of servicing and the peak demand hours for the client. Be sure that the hours align with your desired schedule before you express interest in an opportunity.


Certain client programs have specific servicing hour requirements, which will be detailed in the Portal. For example, some client programs require weekend servicing or servicing on certain holidays.  Therefore, be sure to thoroughly review the Portal and Statement of Work to ensure that you have selected a Client Program that you will have no problem servicing.


Note that for certain client programs, if you or your company is a top performer, you may receive first choice of hours. The better your company and your agents perform over time, the choice of servicing times you may have.

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Kingdom Impressions Ink, LLC partners with Arise Virtural Solution with providing work from home jobs for those that are in full-time ministry and need aditional income to keep Kingdom work going while taking care of their homes financially as independant contractors. We provide mentorship for those wanting to own their own business. An consultation for ministries and churches that want to start a for- profit arm for their nonprofit organization. KIInk, LLC also provide digital solutions for Christian oganizations that want to take their ministries online.

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